Map to MOON Cafe / ムーンカフェへアクゼス地図
(English map below)

クルマでのアクセスは首都高速が便利です。近くにはチャイナ タウン、山下公園もあります。駐車場も完備しています。
電車をご利用の際はJR 根岸線で桜木町、石川町、根岸からバスをご利用頂くのが便利です。


Here’s a large Google Map for reference.
Or view the actual Google Map here.
If you are coming by car, it is most convenient as we have parking behind the building, however parking is limited. There is ample coin-parking across the street. On Sundays and holidays, we have additional free customer parking in an extra lot behind our store, next to the coin parking lot. However, using the train or the bus as transportation is very simple too. There are several options.


TAXI: Taking a taxi from Yokohama Station is expensive but it’s the easiest method. It takes about 20 minutes depending on traffic and will cost about 3,000 yen. You want to go on HONMOKU-DORI, HONMOKU-MIYAHARA. As you get close, you will see MOONEYES Area-1 on your left. Point and tell the driver to stop there.

TRAIN: From YOKOHAMA station by train, you have two basic options: Subway or JR Line.
If you are usuing JR Lines and arrive at Yokohama station, simply change platforms (don’t exit the gates). You are looking for NEGISHI LINE. Ask an attendant which direction to go. Most of the trains on Negishi Line are heading for ISOGO or O-FUNA but it’s better to ask. It’s just 3 or 4 stops. From Yokohama, the train will stop at SAKURAGI-CHO, KAN-NAI, ISHIKAWA-CHO, & YAMATE.Be sure you are heading in the correct direction. Next stop is SAKURAGICHO! If you are riding at the front of the train, you might want to get off at ISHIKAWACHO, the 3rd stop. If you do, head down the stairs, exit the ticket gate, exit straight to the street and turn right. You should be walking against vehicle traffic (it’s a one way street). In a few minutes you will come to large intersection. Right across the street is a fancy sign that has MOTOMACHI at the top. This area is a very popular shopping district. Cross the street at the intersection because you want to turn and head right. From here, you can jump in a taxi (about 1300 yen) which takes about 5-10 minutes or take a bus (210 yen each) 15 minutes. Be sure to recognize you want to be heading into a small tunnel, not the other direction over a bridge, under the expressway. Walking from here is not recommended (about 45 minutes) however it is possible. If you take the bus, it’s easiest to keep watch out the left side because you will pass the MOONEYES Area-1 shop. When you see it, click the buzzer to get off at the next stop and walk back.

TRAIN(2):If you end up going to the fourth stop, YAMATE, it’s good to be riding at the rear of the train. There’s only one exit. Down the stairs, out the gate, immediately turn right and walk for about 7 minutes. Again, you are heading into vehicle traffic (one way street). Once you hit a large intersection (stoplights), you are basically on the same path as getting off at the earlier train stop. Cross the street, turn right and walk with traffic until you see a bus stop. Or take a taxi from here, it’s 710 yen (about 5 minutes). Walking from here takes about 20-30 minutes.

SUBWAY: Taking the subway, is convenient because it’s the last stop, MOTOMACHI-CHIKAGAI. However, from there there’s no easy bus ride or walking directions. Take a taxi from the station (about 2,000 yen) unless you are familiar with the area.

BUS: From YOKOHAMA station by bus, it will take approximately 30 minutes. It’s complicated because there are many stops and many buses. Ask any bus driver at the bus terminal how to get to HONMOKU-MIYAHARA. Normally it’s bus number 101, 105, & 106 however there are others. From Yokohama station, you can only go one direction so you are safe to assume it will head in the correct direction.